Sunday, January 14, 2007

Clonakilty Attractions

Clonakilty Chamber of Commerce

Clonakilty Picture Gallery


A busy market town located near to several popular seaside resorts such as Inchadoney and Owenahincha. Fine 19th century mill buildings have been nicely adapted for modern use, and now house the town library and County Council offices. Nearby, a small disused Presbyterian Church has been put to service as the post office. Local planning authorities have encouraged the use of traditional hand painted signs with a special emphasis on the Irish language on business premises in the town. See also the fine statue of a pikeman. For a town of its size, the Roman Catholic Church is impressive, with fine glass and mosaics. A model village is being developed and will include a reproduction of the West Cork Railway and industrial development in the area during the period of World War 11. Michael Collins, one of the great heroes of the 1916-1922 period, was born at Woodfield, near here. He was General of the Free State Army, and his Dynamic and powerful personality made him a legend in his own lifetime. the small West Cork Museum in Clonakilty has many momentoes of the hero. The memorial to him at Sam's Cross was unveiled by General Tom Barry, himself a prominent figure in the Republican Movement. From Clonakilty westward the coast becomes bolder and more rugged, the sea carving deep inlets and bays as it rolls in from the Atlantic.

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