Sunday, January 14, 2007

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Dunmore east
Nine miles (14 km) south-east of Waterford city is Dunmore East, a popular summer retreat, picturesquely situated at the mouth of Waterford Harbour. The bay on which the village stands is divided by projecting headlands, broken into cliffs and coves. To the north is Credan Head and in the south the high promontory known as the 'Black Knob', beneath which is 'Merlin's Cave'. In the extreme south of the peninsula is Swines Head, and facing the village from the Wexford side of the harbour is the conspicuous Hook Head with its lighthouse. Early in the nineteenth century Dunmore was a station for the packets which carried the mails between England and the south of Ireland. It is noted today as a sea fishing and curing station, and there is excellent sea angling for visitors.

Passage east

The picturesque fishing village of Passage East has a past closely linked with Ireland's history. Strongbow landed here in 1170 followed by Henry II a year later King James left Ireland from here after his defeat at the Battle of the Boyne. Today a car ferry links Passage with Ballhck in Co Wexford. The village, with its distinctive architecture, huddled between the rocky outcrop and the river is well worth a visit.

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